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Do you mind if I smoke? I don’t care if you burn

Smokers in France are fuming. There is a real prospect that Gauloises and Gitanes, those quintessentially French cigarettes, will soon be banned on the grounds that they are simply too cool. They have been a key part of the French identity since 1910, the very essence of France. How could the great years of the post-war Left Bank cultural explosion have occurred without them? Continue reading


Dictator Lit

News from the publishing frontier.

Saddam Hussein’s 2003 novel Devil’s Dance is to be published in English for the first time, in December 2016 by Hesperus. The original manuscript was thrillingly smuggled out of Iraq during the early part of the war by his daughter Raghad, whilst its author was left to swing. This exciting literary development should solve most of your Christmas present problems. Continue reading