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Banned book week

In Indianapolis this week a series of events are being run as a protest against books being banned in the United States. This includes the reading of a letter sent to the Chairman of the Drake High School Board in North Dakota in 1973, after 32 copies of the novel Slaughterhouse-5 were burned in the school’s furnace. A copy of that letter from the author of the novel, Kurt Vonnegut, appears below. Continue reading

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Inside the tent, pissing in

Grayson Perry has just published his BBC Reith lectures on contemporary art as a book*.

In May 1961 an Italian conceptual artist Piero Manzoni, known for his ironic attitude towards the avant-garde, filled a tin with a deposit of his own faeces sealed it and wrote upon it the legend ‘Artist’s Shit’. He made 90 such tins in total and stipulated that they were to be sold for their weight in gold. One of the tins is currently in the Tate Modern collection and is described in their catalogue as made from “Tin can, printed paper and excrement”.
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